IM Manager is a multi-lingual system that is used by groups of workers in order to manage projects and tasks. In addition, users can instantly send messages to one other about any topic. This is like email, but the messages are sent and received in real-time. The system also tracks the amount of time and costs necessary to complete a project. In addition, the system manages information about clients. It also communicates with applications such as Microsoft Excel and Outlook.

Many people notice something special when they see IM Manager. It does not look like any other application found on the web today. It is in fact one of the newest generations of Web applications that utilizes Java. Even though it looks like a normal Windows program, it runs through a web browser and all data and analyses run via the Internet. Because it exists on the Web, the most current version is always available, but it is never installed on the computer. It has been said that within ten years, the majority of all business software will be like IM Manager.

The only requirements are a machine with a web browser and Java from Sun Microsystems. The Java Plug-in is a technology that connects to a web browser. Acrobat from Adobe is one example plug-in. Flash from Macromedia is another example plug-in.

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Real-time messages can be sent from one user to any other in the system. This is much like email, but much faster. The system shows which users in a group are currently available. It also notifies new users of any missed communication. Messages can be either very general or associated with a project or task.

Projects and tasks are created and managed here. Each task can be assigned to a user and scheduled for completion. If needed, reminders can be created as well. Multiple notes can be created for both projects and tasks.

Every unit of time can be assigned to individual tasks. Different methods can be used to record time. All time recorded for a project or task can be calculated and exported to Microsoft Excel.

Any costs or expenses for a project can be stored. These expenses can be calculated for any project. Expenses that require approval can also be managed by an administrator.

Users can create and modify contact details for both people and companies and then export data to Microsoft Outlook.